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Everton Soccer schools in ventura county


Junior Toffees Soccer School

Junior Toffees guides players through a variety of exciting activities, technical skill sessions and small sided games that all encourage maximum touches. Junior Toffees allows players to learn the fundamentals needed to become a competitive soccer player. Soccer School includes a hummel training jersey.

Development Soccer School

An Everton Development Soccer School has a structured curriculum where players engage in foot skill activators, fakes moves and turns, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2s and coached small sided games and scrimmages. Development Soccer School is a fun way to develop soccer skills with our EISS community coaches. Camp includes a hummel training jersey.

Advanced Soccer School

An Everton Advanced Soccer School is geared towards competitive soccer players looking for an edge before the season. Coached by Everton Academy staff, players will be coached technical and tactical sessions during the week through skill stations, SAQ sessions, replicated game scenarios, challenging unopposed and opposed activities and in game coached scrimmages. An intensive 5-day Soccer School for competitive soccer players. Includes a hummel training jersey.

Goalkeeper Soccer School

Guides goalkeepers through a range of academy curriculum technical position sessions, that develop into game related skills.


Following on from the fundamentals taught in the Junior Toffees program, players have the opportunity to sign up to either the Foundation or Youth Development Phase camps dependant on their age. The camps follow the official Everton Academy curriculum and are heavily influenced by the Everton Game Model to ensure that the players are getting an authentic Everton experience.

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