First Kicks - Ages 3 to 5

Introducing First Kicks  • Ages 3 to 5 (Pre - K) • 45 minutes per week

A fast paced non-competitive dynamic soccer program designed for kids to have a fun introduction to soccer. The program focuses on technical aspects of the game  by using Story Book oriented games.The sessions will not only introduce and develop basic techniques, but are devised to nurture a love for the game.

Sessions meet once a week and range from 30-minutes in length for Mommy and Me class, 45-minutes for First Kicks and one hour for Development and Premier, catering to specific age groups consisting of a small coach-child ratio that maximizes individual development.

Program Mission
Fusion First Kicks is a highly creative program thats offers age-appropriate activities that serve as an introduction to soccer and help children overcome development milestones. The program focuses on children's growth both on and off the field by helping them build strong physical, intellectual and emotional skills.

What are the benefits?
With soccer as one of the world’s most popular sports, participants in Fusion Soccer Schools can expect to engage in innovative curriculum that focuses on the following:

Physical fitness and soccer-specific skills (dribbling, turning, ball control and scoring goals)

Motor and coordination skills through fitness activities that target social, physical, and cognitive development

Introduction to group and team concepts (cooperation, respect, and encouragement)

Self-confidence and social skills

Allows your child to partake in a pressure-free, high-energy environment


Dates & Times

Thursday April 25th - June 13th.

Cost $99

3:15pm - 4pm


Ventura Community Park (Kimball Park)

901 S Kimball Road
Ventura, CA 93003