Pre PDL Academy

Pre Premier Development League Academy (PPA)

This program is designed for players aged between 16-18 years old who strive in the pursuit of soccer excellence. Full commitment and a high work ethic is a requirement for players who wish to be considered for this program. The player should be driven, enthusiastic, able to demonstrate a good attitude and demeanor and display a desire to reach the very highest level based on his ability and continued development as a soccer player, student athlete and young man. To help achieve our goals, our coaching staff seek to work on four Development Pillars.


Pillar One: Technical Ability

Pillar Two: Tactical Awareness

Pillar Three: Physical Excellence

Pillar Four: The Right Attitude


We will of course help assist the player through all 4 Pillars expecting a commitment to hard work and time dedication to fully maximize the opportunities for the player to succeed. There are never any guarantees in soccer and this is not what we are offering. However this program does offer an opportunity for the right candidate to push on in the pursuit of soccer excellence seeking professional player status.


Simply put...The program offers a pathway to our senior Premier Development League (PDL) team, which has successfully provided multiple opportunities for our players to get to the next level of playing professional soccer both here in the US and abroad. 

All applications for try-outs should send a player resume together with full birth date (including year) to the following:


Coach Mike Elias

PPA Head Coach and PDL Assistant Coach



For further enquires and tryout opportunities please call (818) 807 2988