Fusion Camp FAQ

Ventura County Fusion Soccer Camp FAQ

What is your Refund Policy?

1. Cancellation before camp begins:
-The camp fee will be refunded, less a $25 Non-Refundable Administrative fee per participant, if cancellation is received prior to the beginning of the camp session that the player is registered for; or
-The participant will be placed in another camp session at a future date at no additional cost.

2. Cancellation after camp begins:
-If cancellation is received after the camp session that the player is registered for begins, no portion of the camp fee will be refunded for any reason other than an injury or sickness (with a Doctor’s note). In such case, the camp fee, minus the $25 Non-Refundable Administrative Fee will be refunded on a prorated basis as determined by the number of sessions missed.

What is the cost of the camp?

What do I bring to camp?
All players should bring a proper sized soccer ball for their age, soccer cleats, shin guards & water. Please also wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
*** We highly recommend you bring 8oz Water per hour at the camp.

What do Campers receive?
In addition to the 5 days of professional soccer training tailored specifically towards players aged 3-14 years old all players also receive the following:
* Soccer Camp Certificate of Acheivement.
* Ventura County Fusion Pin.
* A free youth ticket to a Ventura County Fusion PDL game.

Will there be Player Appearances at Camp?
If the camp is during or near the Ventura County Fusion PDL season it is likely but it is not guaranteed. Our goal is have a player or technical staff appearance whenever possible, but that is not always realistic with player schedules. All players will have the opportunity to meet the team & get autographs at the game they receive a ticket to.

Is there an Early Bird Discount?
Not at this time.

Who do we recommend go to the Ventura County Fusion camp?
The camp is ideal for the Beginning to Intermediate player ages 4-12, but great for any soccer player looking to improve their game!

What is our Philosophy?
To provide an ideal and enjoyable environment for players to enjoy while they are learning to understand the game of soccer. Fusion endeavors to inculcate all of the qualities of competition, sportsmanship and comradeship by way of top quality coaching and an adherence to the principles of positive progression across the age and ability spectrum. The provision of all-embracing programs that allows talent to develop to its full potential, without the constraints of pressure, is an essential factor in our philosophy.

Is there still room for my child to sign up?
YES! Unless the word “Closed” is printed next to your camp, there are still spots available!

Do you offer any before or post camp supervision?
We do not offer any supervision before or after any of the camp sessions.

Can my child walk or take the bus home after the camp session?
For safety reasons, we prefer all players be picked up by a parent or Guardian after each day of camp. Players are allowed to walk or bus home if a parent or guardian sends the player with a per-written note giving permission to do so. The letter/note would also detail that the Ventura County Fusion is not liable in this situation.

How do I register?
Register Online at www.vcfusion.com Click the “Camps” Tab on the top of the page, click the camp session you would like to attend on the left hand side of the page.

Do I need to bring my confirmation email?
No. The confirmation email is for your records.

Can my child join a camp session a few days late?
If you decide to sign up late, we will pro-rate the cost accordingly.

Are there any scholarships available?
Yes, but very limited. You can submit an essay via email to greg@vcfusion.com. Winners will be chosen prior to the start of each camp session. If you do not win a free scholarship to the camp and are still in need, please contact the (805) 830-8027. 
*** We also accept tax deductable donations for the camps. We never want to turn a child away, please help us in that effort by donating to the camps scholarship fund by contacting greg@vcfusion.com or (805) 830-8027. Thanks!

What happens if I accidently sign up for the wrong camp?
Please contact us at jesse@vcfusion.com or (805) 830-8026 and we will make note of it.

Who do I contact with questions?
Greg Altounian
(805) 830-8027

What happens In the case of rain?
In the case of rain; we will continue the camp session as planned! (Please bring appropriate clothing for this scenario: Coat, or warm up pants.) In the event that the fields are closed due to rain or any other cause we will contact everyone via email prior to the start of the camp session for that day to let them know about the cancellation.  We will also post any camp cancellation notices on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/vcfusion. 

My child has a medical condition, should I tell someone?
Yes. If your child has a severe allergy and must carry an EpiPen please let the camp instructor know on the first day of the camp. Also it is important to let the camp Instructor know of any medications or inhalers need to be taken during camp hours.

What group will my child be placed in?
Players will be broken into age appropriate groups first. If we feel a player’s skill level exceeds that of his/her peer group we will ask if they would like to join an older group. Also we tell everyone on the very first day- “If you came with a friend or teammate, close in age, you are more than welcome to stay in the same group as them.”

Do you take walk up registrations?
Yes, as long as the camp session is not listed as “Closed” on the website. You can write a check out to Ventura County Fusion for the program desired.

When is it too late to register online?
Your last chance to register online is 24 hours before your camp session is set to begin. After this point, we will only be accepting walk up registrations. Walk ups may pay by Check or Cash only. No walk ups for Closed sessions.

How often do the camp sessions run?
Most of the camp sessions run for 3 hours a day for a period of 4 days. We regularly have camps during the school Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer breaks.